Feb 20, 2013

pcHDTV is celebrating its 10th year of serving the Linux community and is lowering the price of our acclaimed HD-5500 card to $89.

Nov 14, 2008

pcHDTV is happy to announced a price reduction on it's highly successful HD-5500 card. The Linux community has supported the card with continued increase in volumes making it possible to lower the price of our HD-5500 card.

May 1, 2006

For Immediate Release: Supplies of the HD-3000 card have been exhausted, and components to manufacture more are no longer available. Based on the Oren chipset, the HD-3000 (designed for Linux) offered superior performance at an affordable price. Jack Kelliher, CEO of PCHDTV, INC, said, “We have been working on the successor to the HD-3000 for sometime, and are excited to announce the imminent release of the HD-5500 card. This new card offers some exciting improvements, including its low profile design. And, with our ever increasing volumes, we can offer it at even better pricing. We anticipate releasing the HD-5500 in late May.”

Feb 18, 2005

pcHDTV today announced a price reduction on its widely acclaimed HD-3000 card. Jack S. Kelliher, CEO, said, "We are happy to pass along recent cost savings to our customers. Their enthusiastic support has given us additional economies of scale, allowing us to remain the HD card of choice for Linux users." Jack also noted that all back orders in house will also receive the new lower pricing. "I'm sure it will be a nice surprise, to get a better than expected deal on their card. That's just the way we like to do business....", Jack said.

Nov 8, 2004

PCHDTV is pleased to announce that shipping has begun of the much anticipated HD-3000 HDTV card, the successor to the acclaimed HD-2000. Jack Kelliher, Chairman and CEO, "We are gratified by the overwhelming support of the Linux Community for our HDTV cards." Jack noted that greater than anticipated pre-orders have nearly depleted initial shipments of the new card, but that additional inventories are already in the pipeline. "We hope to be able to provide enough cards to meet demand. We have invested heavily into production of this next generation card, and believe that we have sufficient capacity to meet the needs of our customers as we approach the deadline of June 30th, 2005." Jack also hinted that July 1st, 2005 would not be the end of PCHDTV. "We knew going into this; that this was a limited life product, (because of the broadcast flag requirement). We have now proven that Linux Only HDTV products are viable, and look forward to announcing a new, innovative approach to HDTV products at a future date."

Feb 12, 2004

For immediate release: Heavy demand depletes supplies of the innovative HD-2000 HDTV card mfg by pcHDTV, inc.

Jack Kelliher, "We have ramped up production schedules and hope to have adequate supplies of the acclaimed HD-2000 card by Feburary 25, 2004. We thank the Linux community for their strong support of our products."

Aug 1, 2003

FINALLY! An HDTV product introduced for the Linux market, by and for the Open Source community!

pcHDTVtm announces the limited release of its new HD-2000 HDTV pci card will begin shipping Aug 19th. Targeted at Linux, the initial product will not have Microsoft Windowstm support. The product will include open source drivers and player at an eye popping introductory price of just $189.89.

Get yours now!

Febuary 2003

PCHDTV is pleased to announce its development of a prototype HD card based on the OREN SEMICONDUCTOR's OR51211 chip. PCHDTV's design approach will provide a low cost method of bringing HD TV to the personal computer. The HD-2000 card’s cost effective design will also utilize NVIDIA's video graphics card hardware acceleration if present. Jack Kelliher, PCHDTV's President and CEO demonstrated the prototype card at a private showing at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this month. PCHDTV is one of the first to use Oren's chip for this type of application.

August 2002

Jack S. Kelliher and Bert V. Pedersen are pleased to announce the formation of PCHDTV, Inc. The company will develop HD video products for personal computers and OEM video applications. Initial products will be developed for the Linux open source operating system. CEO and President, Jack S. Kelliher stated, “PCHDTV is a strong supporter of the open source concept, and believe in its inherent innovation and creative energy.” Jack has completed post graduate work on circuit design at the University of Utah, worked many years in product development and project management, and is named on various patents. Bert V. Pedersen, Vice President and Sec./Treasurer, has various business degrees including an MBA from the University of Utah with an emphasis in Technology, has headed numerous technology initiatives in the wholesale distribution sector and consults with businesses.